A New Tech Team Created: Slice 29/31 & 86/365

New Team Good Morning Slicers on our last Sunday together,

Back home, over the Hudson the rain is falling but it’s spring warm.  It’s hard to believe that I woke up yesterday, in a lovely old hotel in Northampton, MA at 5AM and got writing when I knew that more sleep would be a lost cause.  I wondered, could I get through the day with just a few hours of sleep? After a full morning and part of an afternoon, I’d be back on the road driving home solo for 2-3 hours.

Well, it’s clear that I did make it back, with time to spare before Tuvia and I  headed out to spend the evening with good friends. We even celebrated Earth Day in candle light from 8:30-9:30.  Very romantic but I probably napped a bit when no one (but Tuvia) was watching.

Back to Northampton…

Yesterday Kevin and I met face-to-face which is always a pleasure.  This time our charge was to bring our sites even closer together by forging a tech team to include members of both sites.  Steve is on board from Hudson Valley and Tina and Mary joined in from WM. Of course we will be hunting for two more members, but for now it was wonderful to come together with yet, a new project, a new challenge for our technology lives.

A new ning group, maybe two will be created for our Ianthology– a way for members of our writing sites and others in New England and New York (the tri-state area) to come together after our summer institutes end, to continue to share writing for feedback in a safe and supportive community.

We are challenged to offer what the Eanthology begins during the SI’s.  It’s a big challenge but just beginning together and presenting our plan to a the New England Writing Project during the weekend retreat yesterday morning was exhilarating. We were met with enthusiasm and deep thinking.  The conversation allowed us to consider what we would need to provide the sites with  when the project was scheduled to begin in August.

It’s not like we won’t get support from the National Writing Project.  As I finish this slice I will be sending off an email to the director of the Eanthology asking about the methods used in providing feedback.

Seems like the National Writing Project always opens the door for new challenges.  It was just too bad we couldn’t spend more time partiicpating with the NEWP. But time is always an issue and creating this new team was our priority because as we all know, there’s nothing like face-to-face connections.

In the picture above. you can find three SLICERS: Kevin, Tina and Bonnie,  just building on Slicing’s virtual friendships in our  daily Slice of Life challenge offered to us by Two Writing Teachers.



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10 thoughts on “A New Tech Team Created: Slice 29/31 & 86/365

  1. Great pic. I love that hotel!!! (That’s the Northampton, right?)

    I’m sitting here totaling up how many slices everyone’s written. It’s grueling. Perhaps I need to do a slice on adding up the slices.

    I’m wondering if it should be called Slice of Life Sundays… Thoughts.

  2. Do you mean instead of Tuesdays?

  3. Hey Bonnie, what a great photo! I really enjoyed meeting you, and I am excited about this project. I’m also glad to know you made it home ok…
    Best, T-Dawg

  4. literacyspark

    I love that other people are into technology too! Fun Slice.

  5. Hey Stacey,
    Yes the Northampton Hotel. Great spot! And wow, was this an exciting month of slices. You should be proud. Are you thinking about a Sunday Slice maybe instead of a Tuesday?

  6. Hi Tina,
    Loved beginning our team together and it was actually easier getting home. I have to give it up to the great directions and a sunny day and no accidents and good luck. I was home in less than 2 1/2 hours with only one pit stop and Tuvia brought dinner.
    And see, the photo was great without me taking it: so let’s give it up to the camera, the subjects, the place, the sun and the guy who helped us out

  7. magruppi

    I so wanted to be part of the NWP but my Super said I would be “out of the office” for too many days! and I was too selfish to take it all as vacation time!

  8. That’s a shame. It would be so productive for you to join the NWP and bring it back to your school. Anything I can do? Where are you located?

  9. Elizabeth

    Okay-feeling out it out here in the Wild West, but could you caption the photo, so I know who I’m looking at? Dying to know who is who–

  10. Kia ora!

    Oooooh! Some talent in that photo-slice Bonnie! Looks like a great team!


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