One More Day, Can it Be?: Slice 30, & 85/365


One more Slice for this challenge.  I can’t believe it!

What a great month of writing and sharing with a very large community of writers.  I have been adding more and more blogs to my Google Reader over the month, excited to have written with such a wonderful group.  I remember ending my first Slicer challenge last year as I began writing with Stacie and Stacey and Ruth and more…

If you are new to this experience and feeling sad that it’s ending. fear not, Two Writing Teachers won’t let you go. There‘s Memoir Mondays and SLICE OF LIFE TUESDAYS and challenges galore.

Kevin hosts A Day in a Sentence and I offer Photo Fridays on Flickr.

Bravo to Stacey and Ruth!

As for my Slice today, it was nice to return to a normal Sunday. Nice to wake up in my own bed. Nice to smell spring even if it was hard to see it in the fog, but that was cool.  I could still see that the  grass is GREEN!

I was up early to digest the Sunday papers, sip coffee with Tuvia and watch a good dose of Sunday politics. Obama doesn’t seem to sleep.

We got to Strawberry Place for lunch and sailed past the waiting line huddled under the street awning. We have been opting for the counter stools for months.  It’s a great way to bond with the staff and get our coffee cups filled in an instant.I chose a Mama Mia Omelet, listed on the Spring board just above me. It was  filled with fresh basil, garlic, sundried tomatoes and mushrooms. I can still taste the large chunks of basil.

We walked a bit and planned the rest of Sunday with a movie at the mall: Duplicity, marking the return of Julia Roberts after beginning her family of twins and a third.  Sorry to say, as I watched her acting I only saw the very exhausted mom in real life. Clive Owens was wonderful and was the rest of the cast, but as we reached the final moments we looked at each, shrugging.  I will forget this one very quickly, maybe it’s gone already.  Oh well we will be back next weekend for more.

We are feeling the coming of spring that’s for sure.  Big week on the road-back to Dover for more digital work with 6th graders and then DC for the NWP National Conference and a visit to congressional representatives to keep the project alive.

Bring it on…

Have a good one.  I’m off to read some slices before I move on…


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6 thoughts on “One More Day, Can it Be?: Slice 30, & 85/365

  1. I’m hoping PhotoFridays gets kickstarted again … doesn’t it seem as if activity has dropped off? Or is that just me? I hope some new folks come on in and share some photos and connections.
    And yes, a month of writing …. wonderful.

  2. Elizabeth

    Yes, I felt the same way about Julia Roberts (loved her in Pelican Brief–an all-time fav movie) that it was a different Julia up there on the screen. I think you’ve captured well what I thought about that performance as well as the movie (my husband says she’s famous for her smile and there wasn’t too much of that this go-round).

    Your post was a lovely slice of a day of leisure and loved your comment about Obama! That’s a fitting description as well.


  3. I can’t believe this challenge is over. It has been a lot of fun. I always enjoy your words and pictures and I hope to join in the photo fridays—I need to take more pictures.
    Have a wonderful day.

  4. I really wanted to see that movie, now I don’t know!

  5. Lisa

    Your days have me looking forward to retirement, or at least to summer.

    Do you have criteria for Photo Friday?

  6. Ashley and Lisa,
    Please join us at Photo Fridays. You need a Flickr account and a photo and some text for it. Check it out now to get a taste about it. You will find lots of cool PF’s there. Some you already know,

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