Last Slice for this Challenge: 31/31

Fellow Slicers, how about, we take a virtual moment and give it up for our TWO WRITING TEACHERS


The photo looks familiar, yes?  It comes  right off their blog.  I would like to say I have met them. We  almost made it last November during the NWP/NCET joint conference.  Nope, Stacey and Ruth presented on a Saturday morning and I slept in just a bit.  Missed opportunity!

But we are connected and have been for a whole year.  Every week since last  March, I have left a bit of me with them in a post for  Memoir Mondays and  a Slice of Life Tuesdays.  Stacey joined on Photo Fridays and there’s also Facebook and Kevin’s Day in a Sentence.

So we are very connected and you can be as well if you are wondering what will come next.

Keep blogging!  I have you in my Google Reader. So, you write and my column will darken at your blog name and I will click over with pleasure.

SO, WE ARE NOT AT AN END! Really it’s a solid beginning.

Are you with us?


PS. Some Slicers have asked about Photo Fridays.  All you need is a Flickr account.

On Fridays or any day, upload a photo you’ve taken that you want to share and add it to our Photo Fridays group. Everyone is invited.  It’s an open group.

Some PF’s just share a photo, many write something about the photo and then members of the group will comment (only supportive comments allowed!)  You won’t be notified(bummer) in your email. So you have to click back to the group site to find comments on your photo and on the way, you will find other photos posted where you can comment as well.

It’s easy and fun and only positive.

Join US!

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8 thoughts on “Last Slice for this Challenge: 31/31

  1. Yeah
    Way to go
    A whole month of slicing

  2. snowflakes6

    Cheers to Stacey and Ruth!!! and to ourselves!!!

    I always enjoy your stories and photos and I look forward to continuing this writing community.
    Take care. Happy writing.

  3. Thanks to Stacey and Ruth and folks like you Bonnie who write and respond to what others write. I think this was a wonderful month of slicing.

  4. Ashely and Juliann,
    Rock on with writing and sharing!

  5. Bonnie,
    I’m taking with me your positive spirit and I’m looking for the unexpected in the ordinary. I love your ability to make an omelet sound like an adventure.

  6. As always I love to read your slices and look forward to seeing your photos that you plan to post each day.

  7. This really has been a special month. Like the classroom we have built a community with out writing and formed a bond with our sharing. I am so thrilled to have meet such wonderful writers and thinkers. People have really made every slice count! I will continue to post and read and comment.

    I look forward to Poetry Friday and I will still stop by for your well crafted words!

  8. literacyspark

    To new beginnings!

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