DS Wedding FInished: Tuesday Slice and 93/365

End of DS Wedding

Slice of Life Tuesday, April 6, 2009.  See more Slices at Two Writing Teachers

I took this photo last September as I left the Karen’s wedding.  I was hungry, tired and my arms ached in new places from holding my cameras up for hours, filling up tapes and memory cards.  I wondered what the hell I was doing.  After all, the only person I knew at the event was the bride.

I was always curious about wedding photogs, watching them  at weddings and bar mitzvahs I attended as a guest. And when I got an invitation from Karen to create a digital story for her special day,  I thought it would be a great challenge.

But as I snapped this last photo, I was reconsidering.

I stalled its creation.  It took awhile to get the honeymoon photos in November, and then I took more time to really learn the program I would use to create it. I worked closely with Tom at the Apple store to explore  Final Cut Studio.

It took me a long time  to find my way  into the piece and treat it, not as a as a digital story to tell . Finally, in the final stages of creation I found my voice as I selected the final piece of music,, worked with compressor and DVD Studio and  sent out the package from the Paramus post office, to its very patient bride.  Yes I  did find a way to enjoy its creation.  All I needed was to hear from Karen that she loved it, and she took a taste from the opening and now she will patiently wait for watch it with her groom.

And  I am free to move on to the Maryland University Writing Project’s DS! I’m back, immersed in  stories  I love creating.

In the spirit of Passover’s coming Sedars, What made this DS different from all others? And that’s the question that’s lingering with me.

I am listening to a voiceover that I just worked on with Patti and Joseph, listening to them share the history of their young site and I’m thinking that there DS is more than a one-day event.

How did they get here?  Hmm, I love this process, working collaboratively and in technology, it’s messy.  Fun, messy… I have to send them an email to scour the site for photos of their work during the first two years of its life.

This piece is growing.

More to follow…

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One thought on “DS Wedding FInished: Tuesday Slice and 93/365

  1. Lisa

    I bet it turned out really well. Much better than a regular video. My friend made a digital story for a bride and groom to play at the wedding. It was a montage of pictures of them dating over the years and it was set to their favourite song. It was fabulous!

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