Matzah Balls For Tuvia’s Sedar: 95/365

Matzah Balls

Good morning on this Passover ’09 morning.  I never look forward to this holiday. It’s a long one (8 days) and in my childhood, we were very serious.  We went without bread and any foods made with leven, remembering the exodus from Egypt.

It was okay in the early part of the week-a novelty. But by the last few days of the holiday,, I was dreaming about soft. lovely cushions of bread, even the Wonderbread variety.

But as an adult I make my own decisions, even though Tuvia remains strict, out of respect to the memory of his father, I take some license. Of course I have lots of matzah in my house, but next week I will  on the road, and more spontaneous.

But tonight and tomorrow night, at our family sedars, I will enjoy the novelty, even though I am not looking forward to them at the moment.

It’s being with family that counts.  Who really cares about the food, although I did make the brisket and the mb’s and I want them to be good.  I even wondered if I should remake the balls.  They came out a bit small.  Tuvia thinks I’m crazy, so I am off of to take a walk with Sharon this morning even though it looks pretty cold out there.

Hag Sameach.

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4 thoughts on “Matzah Balls For Tuvia’s Sedar: 95/365

  1. Bonnie,
    I love the thoughts associated with the tradition of your Passover. Also, I love brisket and make a mean one! I know you probably can’t get this up north, but if you are ever in the south look for something called “Claude’s Brisket Marinade”. I use to make my own marinade and have used this for about 10 years now, it is great.

    I hope you have a wonderful celebration.

  2. Hi Lennye,
    Sounds great. I try and keep my brisket more conservative for Tuvia, but personally I could go wild with Claude’s. We will see.
    Thanks for the tip

  3. Bonnie,
    This photo scares me! It looks like little brains…

  4. I guess I’m just too literal. I lived with them, created them and ATE them!

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