At Rockland Lake: # 95/365

At Rockland Lake

Sharon and I planned to walk today.  I don’t remember the last time we had a face-to-face meeting.

Usually I am the one waiting, but today, Sharon, after 15 minutes called me on my cell.  I was waiting for her at Kennedy Park.  She was at Rockland Lake, the place we had agreed to meet.

It was my mistake!

Even though it’s April and officially spring,  snow flakes were falling!

We could have just met half way for coffee and a muffin, but no, I made my way to the Lake, and soon we were layered for winter walking.

As we neared the water’s edge we spotted a bit of white.  I grabbed my small camera from my jacket pocket as Sharon was doing the same.

This one is my best.

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3 thoughts on “At Rockland Lake: # 95/365

  1. Bonnie,
    I love the way you always find something to photograph and take the time to do it. I often think of it, but never have the camera with me. Also, what a treat to walk in a fresh snowfall.

  2. Hi Lennye,
    I think my motivation for carrying a camera in my pocket, is this A-Photo-A-Day challenge for this year that began with “Mindful Seeing”, a Flickr group inspired by D’arcy Norman.
    Like Slicing, it’s a great way to jump start something maybe you always wanted to do but just needed a push. I’ve been thinking about my days as photo op possibilities.

  3. Paula Paiva Photography


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