Sunday Morning: Memoir Mondays/ 101/365

Sunday MorningMemoir Mondays with Two Wriitng Teachers

Tuvia showers and I move around my apartment, pinching myself as the sunshine streams in. It’s cold outside but we just need to see the sun, after a  series of gloomy, cloudy, rainy, days, we need sunshine.

When we traveled in Norway, I remember wondering how I could survive without sunshine as they do every year during the winter when they live in long days of darkness.  It’s a beautiful country but gloomy.

As a kid I took lots of things for granted.  I lived in the Catskills and ignored the mountains I could see from my bedroom window.  As an adult, an older adult, I try and take nothing for granted, like the call I need to make to my parents in just a few minutes.

And Sunday breakfast, my greatest pleasure.  It’s usually just OJ, cereal and coffee, but it’s a celebration in this apartment, shared with Tuvia after he showers and just before he’s off to check in at his place for a few hours.

I don’t know that this piece makes much sense.  I’m letting the photo inspire the words.


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5 thoughts on “Sunday Morning: Memoir Mondays/ 101/365

  1. I think that the floral arrangement is lovely. I understand your thoughts on needing sunshine, it has been gloomy around here for several days.

  2. My kids don’t always appreciate the beauty of their surroundings, but I make them stop and take notice.

    Beautiful photo for a sunny spring morning!

  3. I love the photo and I love the words. I love that sunlight through your window. We really needed some sun this weekend, too! It can be so easy to forget about the ‘little’ things. It’s great that you make a point to notice them.

  4. Karen McComas

    I’m thankful you aren’t taking anything for granted, else we would have missed this beautiful picture. I wish I could join you there for coffee one morning!

  5. Love, love, love the picture. As I read your piece I found myself relaxing to the flow of your words.

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