It’s Me: Slice of Life Tuesdays & 102/365


Me!  I’m the one behind the lens.  Funny, I love having my picture taken and of course, in control of what gets deleted.  I do hand off my camera to get into the frame, but so far, it hasn’t happened in my DS project at Dover.  But today, as I sit with kids, one-on-one supporting their preparation for their critical  DS voiceovers, I promise to consciously hand my camera off to kids to capture me in the action.

I do love being on the other side of the lens.  I love filling my tapes and memory cards with potential digital moments.  I do love racing home, ejecting the card and uploading the newest into my Iphoto library.  And I show no mercy when it comes to using the delete key when the moment just didn’t realize itsef as a photo.

There’s always lots of choose from.  I just cick away.

As for Dover, I going to say it again: WHAT A GREAT TEAM! I find myself doing less and enjoying the collaboration more.  I haven’t been there in a few weeks, vacation last week. And in my absence Mike and Lorraine have moved the kids along with ideas of their own.  They have taken ownership and I am sharing it all with them.

Good feeling, collaboration.

Off to Dover, but first a shower.

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4 thoughts on “It’s Me: Slice of Life Tuesdays & 102/365

  1. Ashley Dawn

    I love that feeling of putting the photos on the computer and being in control of which ones live and which ones get deleted. Sometimes I keep the bad ones just for fun.

  2. Lisa

    …a camera without it’s Bonnie…

  3. I really enjoyed your slice today. It made me giggle!

  4. Thanks Lia, Ashley and Lynnelle for your comment smiles.

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