Back at Dover #4: One on One: 103/365

One on one

Today at Dover,  DS writing got messy as we dug in as writer-mentors, finding diplomatic ways to push the story.

The challenge of transforming interview biographies of grandparents into stories is a new challenge. What seems to be missing in many is the heart of the story, the details building the tension to the climax.

Of course there are always lots of words, but are they the words that push the story, keep the audience connected?

And of course there’s issues of weak repetition,  unnecessary details, and some confusing sequencing of events.

The stories are in there,  hiding and we are pushing, but how hard to we push?

Lorraine and I were relaxed as we worked with a group after school who shared, revised, shared, revised and Ron in Red, has a story to move on to the computer. Does he have the images he needs?  Just having a few kids moving to the next phase will motivate others to dig in to a deep revision with us.

It’s good to have a teacher-team so committed to the project.

I can’t wait to see where these pieces go in the next few weeks.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow…

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