On the Road to Syracuse U: 105/365

the Road to Syracuse U

Back to college in a burst of sunshine leaving the winter jacket behind.


Arriving at the Syracuse U Sheraton, as a guest speaker for a group of pre-service undergrads, student teachers and pros in the classroom, off this week.  My role is to. welcome the group to digital storytelling.  My old bud, Liz Lewis, a member of our very first HVWP cohort, sees me as her DS inspiration and as she felt Syracuse U and moved on with her Phd, to her first college position at Dickerson College,  left good words about me behind for her professor Kelly Chandler-Olcott ,head of the department to follow up on.  Kelly, by the way also knows my buddy, Patti Stock as well.

Email served us well as we prepared for my visit and with two hours to introduce DS, I had more than I needed but I am used to presenting DS to a fresh audience and it helped to have sharp and enthusiastic supporters  in the group and of course, the NWP model.  Sitting right across from me, was Bryan Ripley Crandall, a member of the NWP  from the Louisville Writing Project and an author in Kevin’s  new NWP tech book, and someone who jumped into DS on his own, watching pieces from his students.

So I was off and moving with a previous night of deep sleep and an easy ride up from Ellenville in mid morning.

And there’s more tomorrow.

A small group will return to work more deeply on their own pieces that will focus of their new teaching lives.  A group of 9 student teachers, just off a 6 week classroom experience.  A perfect time to get writing and creating.

I think my challenge is to move them through the writing process that I introduced yesterday and sharing pieces where images were used in a more abstract manner.

It’s a challenge I am comfortable with and excited about.

I do need to do more photo documenting though.  I’m sure Bryan will be more than happy to accept my camera and capture me in action.

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