Nahariyah without Armand: 110/365 and a Tuesday Slice

Millie and Tuvia without Armand

I can’t really explain it, but when Armand spoke to me in Hebrew, I  understood him and I don’t speak Hebrew. Well I’m getting better now, but from our first trip to Israel as a couple, Tuvia and I  been traveling to Nahariyah for lunch with Armand and Millie.

Maybe it was because he wanted me to understand him so badly that he spoke with every thing he had: his eyes, his hands, his voice, his heart. I can’t explain it but it was essential that he communicate with me, after all he was Tuvia’s friend since they were teenagers in Romania.

Armand was filled with a blast of life that brought everyone swarming around him for just to soak in his enthusiasm.

Just walking down the main street in Nahariyah with him was a good reason to travel 1 1/2hours each way on the train to meet him for lunch but for this trip we didn’t have Armand to anticipate.  We lost him a year ago and Millie is trying hard to continue without him.  It’s hard. His personality was so large, that the silence today is deafening. But Millie is strong and even though she is a shell of her former self, life continues, even if it’s not as good.

But it was good to watch Tuvia and Millie share time together.  It’s hard to understand her blending of Romanian and Hebrew but it’s not really about me.  It was just good to watch a moment for them and the train ride home was a great way to catch up with sleep- I’m still in deficit from Jet Lag.

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