30 Years Later… : #118/365 & Memoir Mondays

30 years later

Facebook brought us back together,  after 27 years of building separate lives.

Our year in 1979, living together, sampling life in Israel, that made our reunion, yesterday, smooth and natural.

We spent the afternoon catching up and creating a present to build on, given the latest technology at our disposal, now that we no longer have to rely on a pen, a piece of paper and air mail.

In the summer of 1980, we were offically ended our commitment to the World Union of Jewish Studies(WUJS).

The year was a transformative experience, giving us rich opportunities to study the language and culture of our people for 5 months in the Negev town of Arad and then spend the next 7 months volunteering in our fields. We were all teachers in our quartet willing to work as a team with all the middle schools of Tiberas.

But at the end of the  I was ready to return to the US: to my apartment, my work, my car, my family, my town, everything familar.

Susan, as she planned it, was in Israel to stay.  Her year had been very different from mine and for many in our program.  Most of us were here to taste and to understand Israel.  Susan was here to acclimate to life in Israel, to master her Hebrew, to find a particular place in Israel that called to her.  After our first 5 months in the south, living in the Negev and then the next 7 in the north, in the town of Tiberias, it was a hands-down decision for her to return to the south and join some of our very funky friends already settled there.

In short order, Susan met her man and the rest is history… a life on a moshav, working with kids and adults in dance and dance therapy,  and raising three kids.

What a great way to spend a Shabbat afternoon.

Hope there’s many more to come…

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One thought on “30 Years Later… : #118/365 & Memoir Mondays

  1. mag

    Great memories!

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