HSH: #121/365



We were just about ready to say goodbye( Li Heat Ra Oat) for this visit.   Tuvia is always ready for a trip and always ready to come back home sooner on both ends, than I am, but this time I think I was also feeling like we had just the right amount of time to soak up Israel, knowing there’s always the next time.

We were scheduled for the 11AM flight in great seats again, the bulkhead seats(row 16).  Ami dropped us off at the airport and we were through ticketing and scanning without long lines and time for a coffee and frozen yogurt.  We boarded the plane probably with the fewest fellow travelers I’ve ever seen.  Everyone had at least one extra seat if they wanted it. We did.

So everything was perfect until, we taxied out to the runway and sat for an hour and then returned to the dock and sat for another hour waiting for the experts to deal with an electrical problem.

Okay, I don’t want to be up in the air if there’s a problem, but two extra hours extended our return journey from 12 to 14 hours on the plane.  Now that was not horrible, but that got us home two hours later and while that wasn’t so bad for us, lots of  our fellow travelers  had connecting flights to deal with and while we sat together a bit frustrated, once we were up and flying we relaxed.  They couldn’t.

But when I got home my problems centered around my technology.  My TV wasn’t working right,my Iphone has no service, my photo card reader is not reading my memory cards and it’s Tuesday night at 9PM. What problems!

But my bags are almost all unpacked and the washing machine and dryer are humming,

As I prepare to get back on the road tomorrow, though, I can’t imagine leaving without a working cell phone, so that problem will have to dealt with first thing.  There’s no going back to the days pre cell phone.  So I have my Genius Bar appointment and an email out to let me team know I will be late.

Tech  dependence, I hate it!


Home is still sweet!

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