Dover DS as April Ends:121/365

Moving to the BIg Show

Exciting times at Dover!

Even with Jet Lag, the excitement at this point of the process overtook me and for two days I worked with Lorraine and Ed as we supported students as they moved their pieces to the finish line.

I arrived on Tuesday morning laden with my usual tech bags and one new one-a bag all the way from Tel Aviv, filled with Israeli chocolate bars.  Big deal to me but, BIG DEAL to 6th graders.  As each kid finished their DS and got a round of applause and their name added to the Big Show list, I was always reminded that they also needed their candy from Israel.  One kid tried to lie his way to a piece. He was worried I would run out before he finished.

To me the big deal was working side-by-side with each kid.  Some I already knew and others it was a new bond, a new challenge. Sometimes I had to offer TLC and with others, a bit tougher.  But it works as a collaboration with each creator, as he/she birthed another unique DS and the collaboration with our team.  These teams remind me of my teaching teams on the stage.  I didn’t have collaborations within my department, but when I worked on a play, I couldn’t do it alone.  I don’t think I could do it alone here either.

Can’t wait to get back to help in the more DS creations tomorrow and Tuesday.  What comes next?


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