Getting to the Big Show: 123/365 Slice of Life Tuesdays May 5, 09

Josh is Ready

Josh is ready! Emily is ready! Zack is ready! John is ready! JR is ready! And there are many more who are ready to share their digital stories with family and friends who will join us to celebrate the work of their children on May 19th.

Sure, we aren’t done yet and sadly but realistically, not all kids will finish their pieces, but everyone was invited and everyone was supported and encouraged and there’s still time for those who are lagging behind.

What do I love?

I love the one-on-one.  I love birthing these stories.  I love it when kids can smile and begin to imagine what it will be like to watch these pieces with an audience, on a big screen, at the BIG SHOW.  I can’t wait to share this moment with all of them.


Yay Dover DS Team!

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4 thoughts on “Getting to the Big Show: 123/365 Slice of Life Tuesdays May 5, 09

  1. it always makes my heart sing when I hear someone say they love their work!

  2. I agree, Juliann!

  3. Lisa

    Back from vacation and straight to work! This sounds like a very rewarding and fulfilling project.

  4. It was a bit insane last week, but what can you do? Easier than hitting the road to school full-time.

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