Road to Dover:#129/365

Road to Dover

I have been passing this sight by week after week, promising myself I will stop on the way home, but I don’t.  Today I was ready with my pocket camera ready.

The weather was perfect and the cows were grazing.

And now that I have it, am I satisfied?  This challenge motivates me in new ways.

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4 thoughts on “Road to Dover:#129/365

  1. Bonnie,
    I have a question. I know that you do workshops in schools, so I’m curious how do the kids get the cameras? I love the idea and I can see where it would spark writing. Or do you do something different in schools?


    PS Love cow scenes. You’ve got me looking at my drive to work in a totally new way.

    • Lennye-
      My 2 cents, if you don’t mind… I know that many teachers get cameras for their students through donations or grants, such as DonorsChoose. (


  2. I love driving through farm country! Call me wierd, but I like the smell of the grass, the cows, everything…

  3. The digital storytelling process includes photography and it’s better when kids use their own photos but many can bring photos from home or use online sites.
    And thanks for sharing your resources Nancy.

    As for farm country, I don’t have a passion for farms but it was a great spot and I can see that if I had used my better camera, the shot would have more dimension. I’m going to try that next week.

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