Park Walk : 136/365

Park Walk

A walk in a Bergen county park(VanDunkle?) on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend 2009, and all the cloudy, rainy, snowy days are forgiven and forgotten.

What a perfect day to walk casually in sandals and capris,  with a camera draped around my neck and Tuvia patiently waiting for me to move from one great photo op to the next.

I don’t know that when the summer officially arrives if there will be too many perfect days like today, days without humidity.

And these babies seemed to feel the same way…

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2 thoughts on “Park Walk : 136/365

  1. Oh, they’re so cute! I, too, have been enjoying these nice not-summer warm days. I’ve been so frustrated in recent years with our mad leap from dregs-of-winter straight into hot-and-humid. We’ve been bypassing true spring, but this year we’ve gotten some real spring weather. So welcome!

  2. Just when you least expect sunshine, there it is and I couldn’t leave my good camera at home. I can never leave it home now that I have this photo a day challenge. Ahhh, challenges

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