Sharing Stories: 140/365

Stories Shared

A evening of digital stories!

After a year of work with a group of teachers and then teachers and their students, 76 digital stories were slowly created and on May 19th as the school celebrated their annual Festival of  Excellence we took the library  to showcase the work of the 6th graders who officially entered the world of digital storytelling with pieces created about their grandparents from student interviews.

From February to May the pieces were born in story circles, drafts, revisions, and then moved as voice overs to the computer software with photos and music with lots of teacher support.

It was a long process and frustrating at times, of course, but in the end, as proud students shared their pieces with their families in a public presentation, did the magic happen?

I am wondering about that.

For 76 stories we had the pieces running simultaneously  in two separate spaces in the library.  Ed looped the pieces so families could arrive in time for their own student piece and we had lots of parents, grandparents and siblings thrilled with the digital pieces they came to see.  But what about the community experience of sharing the pieces of all the students together?

Did we miss out on that experience?

I missed the big show as the experience moves into our shared history.

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6 thoughts on “Sharing Stories: 140/365

  1. That’s a hard one, Bonnie, trying to allow for more than one type of shared experience. Your project sounds so wonderful, though. I’m sure that, even without the ‘big show’ your students and their families loved the event!

  2. Thanks for your feedback Stacie

  3. I love that the students interviewed their grandparents and created digital stories. What a wonderful way to utilize the grandparents’ funds of knowledge!

  4. Yes it was a challenge but for most kids, it brought them much closer to their parents and grandparents.

  5. Bonnie, I just watched your video via Kevin’s blog. Oh my, what a great model for telling our classroom stories. Love the 3rd person approach!


  6. Thanks so much Gail,
    It’s my favorite creative activity. I thought it was weird at first to use 3rd person. Thanks for the feedback,

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