The Village:142/365 & Slice of Life Tuesday

The A.O.C.

What a perfect morning for Greenwich Village!

We park the car on Grove St. and walk up to the corner intersecting with Bleeker and while we have tried other spots we are back at the AOC, a French cafe with an outdoor patio that will fit the gorgeous spring weather perfectly.

We have lots of time and the staff seems to know that, never rushing to push us along. It’s as lovely as we remember and Tuvia urges me to indulge in a screwdriver.  Sure I feel a bit guilty about the calories but I break down easily and yes, it was great to feel loose and have nothing more to do than just enjoy the morning.

We finally leave, I’m still feeling the vodka but I can walk.  We stroll along Bleeker and make our way to the park with the fountain and it’s already filled with the amazing variety of humans and we find a bench and join in. Tuvia could have stayed there for another hour, but I’m the one who wants to move on, get back on my feet.

Usually I’m more engaged with my camera but today, I leave it in the case I carry and just walk on the crowded street.  We keep walking past the AOC and down Bleeker, toward the Magnolia Bakery and finally we arrive and again I break down my daily commitment to keep my mouth zipped and indulge in a piece of red velvet cheesecake.  Tuvia gulps down much more of it, but I have enough and it’s GREAT! Wow my taste buds still remember as I write this. IT was GREAT!  The best was the oreo cookie surprise at the bottom of the slice. Wow.

What  a wonderful way to end May and welcome June.

Maybe next week we will be back for a Sunday brunch at the City Winery, a new spot on Varrick.

Can life get much better than this?

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9 thoughts on “The Village:142/365 & Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. Lisa

    I am really jealous of you. That cheesecake! Oh my. This sounds like a really lovely day. I was only in Greenwich Village once, and I always feel like I should have gone more.

  2. Lisa

    PS: It is really the 142nd day of the year? WOW!

  3. Lisa, it was great. 142? I’m not sure. I keep loading up photos and writing but I don’t always have the exact day and maybe some days I have two up and some hmmm. I can’t say for sure but I have been pretty good about keeping up with this cool challenge.

  4. It does sound lovely. I am looking forward to a similar kind of day this weekend. Breakfast and coffee and then a walk to the farmer’s market for some fresh veggies. But a screwdriver and a lovely bench would be great too!

    • A bit of alcohol made a great day a bit nicer. I wonder what the Winery will offer us next Sunday? But I’m now officially back on Weight Watchers so I have to plan my meals out carefully

  5. What a relaxing scene!

    BTW: A great Village restaurant I used to love (not sure if it still exists) is Villa Mosconi. Ever heard of it?

  6. What an excellent slice, Bonnie — the written one and the red velvet one! Sounds as though you and Tuvia had a lovely day.

    • Thanks Stacey,
      After reading through all your great posts and Tankahs, wow your writing is amazing!

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