Guitar in my Life: 143/365

guitar in my life

I am learning a lot about playing the guitar.

I don’t know that I play that well, even after 9 years, but I love the hour I spend learning with my teacher,Jon Trotta. I love working with his process:  logical, exciting, promising that I can be successful no matter how challenging it is learning classical guitar.

At the end of each lesson, as Jon walks to the door of my apartment,as he stands in the hallway with a last comment, I return inside with a smile, promising myself that I will practice, a lot and that promise always seems doable.  In reality I often I don’t keep my promise but after every fresh  lesson as I shut that door, I feel  wonderfully optimistic.

Yesterday I did pick up my guitar later in the day and worked through some of our newest work and today is the first day of this new week and I promise to practice today. I promise. There’s nothing standing in my way. I promise..

There’s nothing like Monday night when I feel prepared for Tuesday morning.

I love learning and it is messy, that’s for sure.

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7 thoughts on “Guitar in my Life: 143/365

  1. Jimi Hendrix was essentialy self-taught, starting on a broom with a wire, then a ukelele, then an acoustic guitar. He watched and listened to other musicians and learned from them. Jimi Hendrix – Electric Gypsy by Harry Shapiro & Caesar Glebbeck (1990).

    See, in no time you too could play like Jimi. Or just listen to his music and play along 🙂

  2. Well it’s clear I’ve taken a different path. Give it up for Jim!

  3. Your blog was linked to mine — nice to find another music lover. Keep on playing!

  4. Done by wordpress! Excellent!

  5. Kia ora Bonnie!

    I’ve always loved my classical guitar. When I got my first nylon-strung, I just loved the smell of wood that emanated from it. My present guitar is the same – I’ve only had two classical instruments (had 3 steel string guitars).

    Y’know, something I find very useful is just spending time handling the guitar. I don’t need to play it or practice to get benefit from that, and I’ve been playing guitar almost half a century.

    I still take the instrument out of its case and just handle it. It’s like a cherished pussy-cat. It likes to be stroked and cuddled. I don’t need to play it – just tickle its strings and they purr.

    Your guitar is a member of your family. Hug it Bonnie. Hug it often.

  6. I so agree Ken,
    I keep strumming up the mountain, sometimes tempted to move to steel strings and away from classical. I have a great guitar but it’s very fragile. I have to take back again to the guitar shop for help. Seems that my apartment is too dry for it and I just can’t offer 24 hour steam.
    We will see what’s up. But I am not giving up.

  7. I usually don’t post on Blogs but ya forced me to, great info.. excellent! … I’ll add a backlink and bookmark your site.

    I’m Out! 🙂

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