Cheesecake Factory, Romantic?: 144/365

Cheesecake anyone?

Looks romantic, no? The Cheesecake Factory at the Palisades Mall at noon. Not romantic today but it always looks romantic to me and we are in the middle of a MALL!

Today I shared a lunch with my virtual buddy Nancy. in the flesh, with her daughter, Alice.

Alice was clearly not interested in the Cheesecake environment and now that she can crawl, she is ready to move out of her booster seat and get going.

We adults wanted to sit and enjoy great salads and company, but Alice spoke in her way, demanding attention and Nancy, as a creative mom, tried hard to distract her with food, with a bottle, with attention but it was clear that Alice was ready to get going.  She can probably sense what life can be with legs.

I can’t wait to see the walking-talking Alice!

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One thought on “Cheesecake Factory, Romantic?: 144/365

  1. Oof. You were so patient! I’ve been more proactive about going out without Alice in tow these days, because I know she is happier at home where she can roam, and I am happier to get things done quickly, or to be able to slow down when I want to.

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