Focus on MUWP: 145/365

Revisiting MUWP

Now that Dover is digitally done, I have moved on to my work with Maryland U.

Deadline: June 22nd. when I am scheduled to return with something the young tech group and sink their teeth into, something a documents their experiences with freezing moments at their February conference.  No pressure!  Actually, yes, pressure. Good pressure.  It moves me on to plunge in without my usual avoidance. I did take a bit of a break after Dover, but not a long one.

So I have begun to think and write and watch lots of data in the form of photos, video and listen to voice overs.  It’s all on this computer so easy to get to and I am writing myself into the project to give the piece a frame.  I could decide to leave myself on the cutting floor but for now the writing keeps me grounded and is giving me a way into the big weekend of exciting work

Just yesterday, as I began watching the conversation I taped holding my camcorder in my hands, I was wowed by the depth of the sharing.  Good thing I have it on tape.  I would never be able to recreate it without the moment so wonderfully digitally frozen in  time.

I have more to say, more to write and more to discover.

The return journey as just begun.

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