Riding in the Rain: 147/365

Riding in the Rain

I don’t think either of us wanted to be riding into the City after lunch on a rainy Friday, but my “good” guitar was not sounding very good and I wondered, what would this visit to its second home be like.

On W44th St. Luthiers Guitar Shop, run by Tony, specializes  in classical guitars and when it was time to move up to my 3rd guitar, Jon suggested Luthiers.

I went with Tuvia and picked out a great sounding guitar.  I left it, went home to think about it and returned the next time, with Chris and played it again and took it away, for Jon’s inspection.  I had a week to decide.

Jon wasn’t satisfied with the sound of the top-end notes. They didn’t sing. We changed strings, moved into another room but no matter what we did, Jon wasn’t satisfied and I trusted his ear and sadly called Tony with the news that I was still looking. He totally understood.

Jon came with me this time and as we tested other guitars, Tony showed up with something special, a guitar that had a bit of a defect on its side that Tony assured us would never effect the sound of the guitar.

So far it hasn’t, but this is a more delicate guitar than my older one.  It needs lots of humidity in the winter and care when a problem arises.

Needless to say, I can call Tony and he knows my voice and he is always there to inspect my hand-made concert-level guitar.

I do love its deep tones and high notes that do sing, even when I play it.

So today, I was back concerned that something was wrong with it.

On Tuesday, when I was playing for Jon all the strings sounded muddled. Jon heard the same thing too, but today with Tony, as he took it up in his classical guitar hands and began playing, the sound was bold and strong and wonderful. Nothing was muffled.

Tony’s response ” be patient. The climate changed, give the guitar a chance to adjust. Take out the dampit now. There’s lots of humidity in the air.”

Tony was smiling and happy to return my guitar to me without a bill and even though Tuvia had to drive in and out of the city on Friday in the rain, and I napped while he drove, he was thrilled that as I left the shop, my guitar followed.

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