Klezmer Brunch: 149/365

Klezmer Brunch

Wow, three days of NYC adventures and today was the climax.  A morning trip back to the Village and given the great weather and easy ride from Nyack we were there, parked and walking in the entrance to the City Winery at 11:45.

Great space,that’s for sure!  I started thinking about what I would do with if I owned the place. But no, I’m not moving into the food business. Just a bit of personal fantasy.

The staff was friendly and the music was not yet live. The band was on a break and that was fine. The music playing, soft Billie Holiday- perfect on this light Sunday.

We ordered screwdrivers and just acclimated to the atmosphere.  We looked at the menu and selected a few dishes.  I, as usual, went for something with chicken and a side salad, Tuvia more Mediterranean, with cheeses and olives. Our waiter was pleasant.  He could have been warmer, oh well.

The band finally tuned up and they were good.  The audience liked them and we all warmly applauded.

I was feeing the drink and needed coffee and something sweet, but not too sweet. We shared biscotti.

It was a nice few hours. All good expect the bill. Everything was a la carte and added up to more than I like to spend for a casual brunch.  Oh well.

Would I return?

Hmm…yes for a musician I’d like to hear in such a great space but for a casual Saturday-Sunday brunch I’d return to our AOC.

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One thought on “Klezmer Brunch: 149/365

  1. Would still love to check out City Winery! I’ve come to expect that brunch in NYC will not be cheap, though the brunch at Chelsea Park is surprisingly reasonable!

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