Public Endings: 151/365 Slice of Life


Shhh.. don’t tell. I have used this photo before. I could have had a new photo taken last night, I did have my camera,  but I don’t know, it didn’t happen.

So this photo is the  marker for the official conclusion, last night to  our year-long project  with a presentation to the Dover Board of Ed.

I spent yesterday morning creating a new DVD with my intro, redone for the school’s website, and adding a few student pieces from the full 76.

I worked smoothly with IDVD and in 3o minutes I had a new master that I could use to make copies, one after the other.  I had 10 to share with administrators and the team. They were labeled and put in their own slips.

Nice. I was ready.

Two hours before I had to pack up and leave for Dover, I did pull out a disk at random and just ran through the pieces on the disk, Just a quick check. Everything looked good:music for the background, photos moving slowly, nicely and then I began playing my piece and NO! wrong one.  The original verision without the revisions.


Okay, I regrouped quickly.  I still had lots of time to redo the master without racing and sweating and I had lots of fresh DVD’s. Okay, I went back through the process, just deleting the orginal and replacing it with the new piece and then the process to create the master and some copies as well, but not 10 this time.

Done, with time to spare. Yes, it was good that I checked when I did.  I have to remember that.

And I was off to Dover without any traffic on the Tappan Zee Bridge, the highways,  not even on the local road.  I stopped for coffee and a snack to take along at my favorite cafe on route 22 and arrived comfortably to spend time with Ed and Lorraine.  Mike was not joining us.  Golf commitment.

I unveiled my fresh DVD with copies for them.  Of course I shared my “story” and we laughed together.  It was good to be with them to put a cherry on this sundae.

We relaxed. Not much to do. Ed set up the equipment at 6:15.

6:30, 6:45, 7:00 and the library filled with new teachers invited  to be officially confirmed with tenure.  They all looked fresh and young and happy and enjoying the refreshments provided for them. The Board President of 20 years was ready to get going and paced a bit before he felt comfortable to push everyone to find a seat.  I was with him.  I wanted to get back on the road ASAP!


The new teachers were  officially celebrated and politely left for home and we were ready to rock, but just before us, a mom and daughter in the front row, stood to rave about our DS project.  What a perfect surprise introduction.  Then we were up, introduced officially by Mike the Asst. Superintendent who has been working directly with our writing project site.

I took over, spoke briefly and presented the pieces and they spoke for themselves, public publishing!

Lorraine shared our brochure and presentation materials.  I made sure that the administrators and teachers involved got copies of my second DVD. and Ed spoke about the project and thanked Lorraine for her great commitment.  It was so good for her to get her “day in the sun”. Ed circulated a CD of all the pieces for the Board with a lovely CD liner of photos etc.

The Board was pleased. Wild applause. We finished, said our goodbyes with options for more projects in the future.

I was satisfied and I hope they were as well.

Bravo Ed and Lorraine.


And I was home in just an hour and this morning I am poised for the next DS project due on June 22.

I’m off!


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2 thoughts on “Public Endings: 151/365 Slice of Life

  1. great culmination to a great project, with a funny story to boot.

  2. What a day! Like i said before, this sounds like a fascinating project. Hope that the 22nd is executed without a hitch.

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