SUNY SUPES: 152/365

SUNY Sups!
I wonder, do I belong with this group of highflyers?

These women are all teachers of English, all passionate about the book -with piles stacked neatly or maybe not so neatly, next to their beds.

All of them love the fact that there’s a bright, fellow  lover of the written word in the White House after the Bush drought.

All of them, with years of teaching experience, continue to work in their field, giving something back as they supervise English student teachers.

I  worked with them when I first retired and grew from their insights, and even though I’ve hung up my supervisor hat, we continue to meet for a meal and usually a walk/hike somewhere interesting in the area so that Jane and I can shoot it.

I am very good at writing and sending emails, (I was terrible about writing letters) and I am usually the one to begin the email chain to plan our next outing.  That’s the least I can do to selfishly fill up my memory banks with plays on Broadway to see and books to load to my Kindle.

I am blessed to be rich in friends.

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6 thoughts on “SUNY SUPES: 152/365

  1. Jane

    Thank you, Bonnie. What I’m always struck by is the varied life experiences that drew us to the same profession. I come away with new stories about the stories we’ve shared. Your connections to the visual and to the written word are inspiring.

  2. I totally agree, Jane.
    Thanks so much for your comments and your friendship,

  3. lynnjake

    You are rich in friends because you are very good at being one.

  4. Thanks Lynn,
    That’s the nicest thing you could say to me and back to you!

  5. Agita Goldberg

    Thank you Bonnie. Spending time with this group of special people always makes me feel enriched, energized, and proud to be a member of this “sisterhood”. Agita

  6. I totally agree!

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