Back at the Pier: 153/365 & Memoir Monday!

A New Bench
The sun, finally the sun on Sunday afternoon and we take full advantage, driving into Piermont,  New York and grabbing the last parking spot at the entrace of the Pier walk.  Many others were already in motion and totally on our wavelength, strolling along the Hudson River, meeting it head on at the end of the Pier walk.

We haven’t been here in months and still the memories flood through me as we move along.

I used to live in Piermont, in a condo.  My first home.  A small apartment, perfect for a new homeowner, but way too small for two. I didn’t move far but this walk was replaced by the attractions of what Nyack has to offer.  Lots of Hudson River spots there as well.

But today we walk in the present and remember the past. Our first walk, second, my photo shoot, and here we found something new.

A bench of wood, with a lovely dedication:

Another Morning on the Pier

And Yet It Is Like No Other”

-Pete deLisser

It’s the romance of Piermont and Nyack. A romance with the Hudson River.

Thanks Pete.  We pledged to return to the bench one morning with cups of coffee and the New York Times and a camera, of course to enjoy a morning just to be with Pete.

How to lucky to live beside the Hudson.

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4 thoughts on “Back at the Pier: 153/365 & Memoir Monday!

  1. What a wonderful quote that Pete has left for others to enjoy!

  2. Lisa

    When I read posts like this, Bonnie, I think you are really living your ideal life! Always taking time to stop and smell the roses, enjoy your coffee, and find the beauty in the everyday things of life.

  3. What a lovely quote. Looks like the perfect place for a cup of coffee. I don’t return to those places of memory often enough.

  4. Hmm, the ideal life. Yes it’s great, but I’m in it carrying the me from the former life. I am always under the gun of my creation, if that makes any sense. I have to push myself to stop and breathe as well.

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