Tuvia Needs the Rivers & Seas: 154/365

Slice of Life Tuesday

Tuvia at the Hudson

Tuvia needs to spend time in Israel.  His heart is there, his son Ami,  with wife and grandchildren live there, his family and friends are there, but just as important, his Mediterranean lives there and he is never really  officially back home until we get to walk alng the edge of his sea.

But as much as he loves that particular SEA, the Hudson River is a pretty powerful substitute for him.

Our walk to the end of the pier offered this dessert and I could have zoomed in on Tuvia to put him smack in the center, but no, I know he is honored to share the stage with the river in our backyard.

I’m pinching myself again!

Okay, time to return to my digital work!

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7 thoughts on “Tuvia Needs the Rivers & Seas: 154/365

  1. We all need to spend a little time by the sea.

    Beautiful photo of the mighty Hudson and your words leave me hoping that he will get to HIS sea.

  2. You bet! Back in October. We are making the plans as I write

  3. Lisa

    Tuvia makes an excellent subject for your photos.

  4. I totally agree.

  5. He seems so peaceful. You are lucky that Tuvia lets you be a subject for your photos…my husband avoids being in any photos.

  6. dkzody

    Having just spent a week far from the ocean, in New Mexico, I understand. I kept thinking, as we were out on those mesas, the beach is just “over there.” Hah, it was a long waaaay over there! I was happy to get back to California where I am much closer to the ocean.

  7. lynnjake

    I love this piece. Soon he’ll be back in his beloved Israel. You too. THe photo is lovely.

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