I’ve been busy: 155/365

J. P, B and O

I’ve been busy, creating a new digital piece for the University of Maryland Writing Project.  I was on my computer of course, but far away from the web, focused on my Final Cut software and my digital data, editing and  recreating the past that showcased the passion and intelligence  of the teachers of this young site.  The work of their  tech team, that was my digital focus.

And as I built the piece, it grew longer, as long as Karen’s wedding DS.  Over 30 minutes.. NOOOOOOOOOOOO….but I was hopeful that it would work.

Of course as I moved through the piece I had to do my share of trouble shooting when I ran up against the expected obstacles that came my way.  Even when I was the ready to move to completion, I was, figuring out how to create the DVD, and create the DS in a quicktime format…The challenges never seem to end.

And then I had a piece, a fresh piece and I needed an audience,  TUVIA  was game and HE LOVED IT!  It helped him to  understand why I’m so passionate about the work of the writing project and why I don’t mind the tech frustrations that seem to come with the digital territory…

Early on Monday morning,I was off to Maryland with my new piece with lots of  burned DVD copies, and a fresher version of my powerpoint for their SI kickoff the following morning.

I was ready to return for more collaboration with Patti and Joseph.

What an honor to be invited!

I am exhausted and excited and satisfied!  Can’t wait for my next Mac one-on-one to get my new DS piece up and online!

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