Clean Window 2: 157/365

Clean Windows 2

This was the one room that offered the window washers a challenge because of “the desk”.  It was a mess of tech and they did their best but when they finished and left, it was my turn to get cleaning and as the afternoon progressed, I took up the challenge and began to straighten and dump.

And soon the space was as clean as the window that exposed it.

Now the clean window opens the room to more natural light from the outside and the desk basks in it with sparkle.

How long will this last???

I promise to do my best!

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2 thoughts on “Clean Window 2: 157/365

  1. lynnjake

    I have been working and working on cleaning out and dumping stuff. It still feels cluttered despite having gotten rid of tons of stuff. I’m determined to keep going until the clutter is gone and the windows are clear and clean. You’re an inspiration, Bonnie!

  2. Thanks Lynn,
    For the heads up. I am so proud of this clean desk. It’s an uphill struggle. Tech toys get in the way regularly.

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