View from the Pool: 159/365 Memoir Monday

View from the Pool

Remember when the summer as really all about swimming?

That’s what I remember. Every summer we would pack our bags and leave our great house and travel 15 minutes out of town to my grandfather’s bungalow colony, Oakwood Cottages,  to spend the summer months in a tiny bungalow.  As kids, we loved it.  Camp with kids from the Bronx, a change of pace.  Of course, by the middle of August we couldn’t wait to get back home, ready to return to our real lives.

My mom hated our summers at Oakwood.  She was uprooted so that my dad, when he got home from a long work day would take care of our grandfather’s electrical needs.   My dad could never say no.  After all, it was his father.  Not a very nice guy, my grandfather, but my dad was a good son and we came along.

Of course we did have access to the colony’s swimming pool and that was all I needed. But I always wanted more.  Camp rules during the week, my mom’s rules on the weekends. If I could have I would have just lived in the water. I dreamed of being an adult.

I never understood why adults put on bathing suits but for the most part sat outside the pool and watched us having fun. But now, as an adult, I too remain on the side of pool.  I bring along my Kindle and beach chair, stick my feet in the pool and read away. That’s enough for me!

What happened?

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9 thoughts on “View from the Pool: 159/365 Memoir Monday

  1. Lovely reflection, Bonnie. My kids are “water rats” and when I do venture into the pool, I’m reminded of the magic of the water. What a beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing, Ruth

  2. I too remember the days of spending hours in the pool. Now it is difficult to stay in more than 20 minutes:-)

  3. Thanks Kim and Ruth for stopping by and sharing summer memories with me
    How about a swim for the 4th?

  4. Lisa

    I still love the pool! I am not too keen on lake swimming; that is what we have around here.

  5. Maybe I should venture to the ocean with my mom tomorrow… just flip flops and our clothes (no swimsuits) for a walk along the beach. Hmmmmm…

  6. You know, I wish I could love the water again. So if you guys do, more power to you! What happened to me? I’ve been thinking…
    I loved the pool for fun, not serious swimming but as an adult it seemed like adults in the water are swimmers. Is that right?

  7. Great memoir. Interesting the different perspectives on those bungalow trips: you as a child, your mom, your dad, you as an adult looking back. Nice.

    I loved swimming in the ice-cold lake at my adirondack summer camp (and all the ice-cold mountain streams, rivers and lakes we visited on climbing and canoeing trips) … but I was never a pool person. Now I would love to have ready access to a pool. Going to Jamaica has helped me learn how much I love the ocean, but ocean swimming — especially in the part of JA that I visit most — isn’t always safe, so a pool would be most welcome!

  8. lynnjake

    I used to swim every chance I got. I loved playing all those water games – Marco Polo, underwater tea parties, diving for pennies on the bottom of the pool. I didn’t see an ocean until I was in high school, and even those visits were seldom. Now I don’t have such ready access to a pool, but still I wish there was one in my backyard!

  9. Swimming, I keep remembering

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