Meet Nancy: 160/365 & SOLSC

Nancy? Where's Nancy?

I was psyched for this lunch date.  Nancy, a deep thinker, passionate about learning, about our world, about politics, about Obama and hopeful that he will make a difference.

I was salivating to catch up with her.

We only talk face to face and guess what?

I was at this diner and she was not.

I was in Tarrytown, the first exit after the bridge and she was waiting for me at another diner in White Plains.

We talked on our cells as we ordered our lunches individually.  Good thing I always bring a book, because I was reading instead of conversing.

Damn, Damn and Damn again…

But there’s always tomorrow…in this case, next Friday.

Damn again!’

And here’s the voice on the other end:

I can’t believe how O’Henry-like our lunch date became. In fact, as I mentioned on the phone, I was sure I would be late so I planned to call you and tell you so.

The dentist, who told me the fitting would take an hour, took two and still didn’t finish. And the fingerprinting was a hoot. They couldn’t ‘find’ my prints for the FBI. Turns out the older we get the fainter they get (at least we don’t have to worry about cellulite).

Again, what should have taken 10 minutes took 35!

Still I made it to the City Limits Diner exactly at 12:30, so I missed the opportunity to call and learn that you were sitting across town waiting for me.

Don’t worry; we’ll make it work. And by Friday you’ll have lots to tell me about your new Writing Project.


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10 thoughts on “Meet Nancy: 160/365 & SOLSC

  1. Kia ora e Bonnie!

    Poor you! And poor Nancy!

    What a curious juxtaposition in place, synchronous in time. Too bad you both didn’t have your laptops with you. You could have Skyped each other and closed some of the gap. I hope you at least enjoyed your meal.

    I learnt something else today. I Skyped my daughter, Gemma, who lives in England. She Skyped from her I-pod. That’s a new one on me.

    Catchya later

  2. Yes Skype! I do use Skype but I did have my laptop. Just my Kindle and I used that well.

  3. This sounds very much like something from a novel. What a slice!

  4. Excellent O’Henry slice! Funny, when the picture opened, I thought “Hey, that looks just like the diner in Tarrytown,” and sure enough …

  5. I am sorry that you miss your lunch date. How do you like the Kindle? I haven’t considered getting one because I love to annotate while reading.

  6. I miss diners! Just think, without cell phones you wouldn’t have discovered the mistake until much later.

  7. These diners though are more like restaurants and I love my Kindle. I’ve had it since they first came out to the world.

  8. lynnjake

    Something like this happened to me once. A student who I had helped a lot wanted to take me to lunch after he graduated from high school. We agreed on a restaurant and a time. When I went to the restaurant he wasn’t there, and after waiting and waiting I finally gave up, albeit a little worried. This was before cell phones were as ubiquitous as they are today, so I just left. It turned out there were two of these restaurants in this town and I was at the wrong one. The right one had linen tablecloths and liveried waiters. He’d planned a really fancy treat and I didn’t show up. I was sooo embarrassed. We did finally have our meal the following week. And we’re still friends! So I feel your pain. There will surely be a next time.

  9. I laughed at this one…great slice of life!!!!!

  10. I’ve done this before as well and thank God for cell phones even though I don’ t like them. They do help and I did get to read a chunk of Angel’s Game

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