In the SI Groove: 165/365

Bonnie and Virgina

I’m sitting with Virginia on the 3rd day of our Summer Institute ’09.  I have Virginia Wolfe with me, inspiring me to write with my head and my heart. She’s just arrived from Kansas City and is acclimating slowly to our area.

Brainchild of Kevin H., his corps of writers have been traveling around the country, spreading their positive vibes to NWP Summer Institutes who are acting as hosts.

So far, I think she’s been loving the mountains and our excitement to have her join us.  Hope she enjoys our pot luck this afternoon.

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2 thoughts on “In the SI Groove: 165/365

  1. What a wonderful photo! The pleasure is palpable. How lucky you are to have such an opportunity – and potlucks to go with it!

    I’ve been consumed by work, but have begun to make progress, and intend to spend a whole, air-conditioned weekend catching up with everyone. That’s pleasurable, too.

  2. It’s an amazing opportunity, I agree. My 10 summer filled with writing opportunities.

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