At 91: 166/365

At 91!

My Mom is 91!  Her sister is 96!  Does she enjoy her life?

I don’t think so.  I wouldn’t if I were her.

She has her family.  One brother lives across the street. My other brother and I live fairly close by. The grandchildren are warm and caring.

She has created a powerful family and my dad is with her 100%.

She is fragile and still drives even though she probably shouldn’t.

She is not the mom of my childhood.  I am not that daughter either.

But she does respect what I do with my life and she has taken to Tovia seamlessly.

I couldn’t have it better.

I continue to wonder about her though. Is she where she hoped to be at 91?  Did she even think about it as she raised up and let us go into the world?

Lots to think about and my mom turns 91 and I turn 60 next month.


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2 thoughts on “At 91: 166/365

  1. Kia ora Bonnie!

    Your mother has a caring husband who dotes on her, a loving family who adores her and she is agile enough in mind and body to risk driving and get away with it.

    What more could she ask for?

    Catchya later

  2. The way you describe it, it sounds like she has lots to enjoy! My grandfather just turned 90, and I think he enjoys his life–he has lots of grandchildren to dote on him, a lovely (younger!) ladyfriend and is living the good life… winters in Florida, summers in Monticello. I can only hope my life will be just as full when I’m his age!
    Great family photo!

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