Bastille Day in Piermont: 167/365

Bastille Day in Piermont

Tuvia and I spent yesterday in Piermont, curious about what a Bastille celebration would look like.  It was sunny.  Good thing. Another afternoon of summer rain and their efforts to stimulate the village economy would have been washed out.

But even though the sun came and went, the crowds arrived and enjoyed the main street turned into a pedestrian haven.  All the shops and eateries were out in full force and lots of people were seated and enjoying.

We walked up and back the main street, listened to a bit of live music and made our way back to the ice cream place with a group of ragtag French revolutionaries.

This used to be my town before I moved just a few miles down the road to Nyack.  Piermont is tiny.  The Hudson’s on one side, and a short street of cool shops is on the other.  I loved my small condo for 10 years but when it was time to move up to Nyack, to a larger space and a larger town, I was ready.

But it’s great to return as visitor.  There’s still a great walk out the the Piermont pier.

You can always come home to Piermont!

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