Travel Time: 172/365 and Memoir Monday Returns

Empty Suitcase

Hi all, I’m glad to be back writing with you.  For the month of July I was facilitating our annual Summer Institute as I’ve done for 10 summers and this one was the best!  So I was writing but just not here with you.

Hope your summer is going great.  The one nice thing about August for me, this August anyway, is downtime and traveling time, how about you?

By the end of the day this suitcase will be packed to overflowing, as usual, no matter how I might pledge to travel lighter.  It just never happens.  I love watching travelers at the airport. Some are like me, self conscious and burdened down with the weight of my packing choices.  I yearn to be like my traveling models: casual and cool who refuse to take it all with them.

I am through making promises and pledges.  I just can’t do it!  I can diet, I can practice guitar and Hebrew for my lessons and classes but I can’t pack light and I’m proud of it. So what if I can’t look cool in an airport, I can select clothes to my heart’s content and return from a trip with lots of clean clothes I didn’t need to wear, but I had them with me if I needed them.

Of course I can’t travel without my tech toys, although I do make careful choices there.  I don’t take everything, but I can’t imagine a day without writing or photo sharing on the web.  A day without the web, I don’t think that will happen if I have anything to do with it.

A trip is coming on Wednesday and I will be ready for it.

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2 thoughts on “Travel Time: 172/365 and Memoir Monday Returns

  1. Lisa

    August is a good month to travel. I try to pack lighter each time as well, but the bathrooms stuff is what weighs me down: toothpaste and everything else I just CAN’T live without. It all has to come with me.

  2. I always overpack. NO matter what. I just bought a train ticket to go to my parents’ house and they wanted to know if I have 1,000 lbs. worth of luggage. I said “no,” but in all honesty, my husband will need to help me get on to the train and the conductor will have to help me off with my bags! (Yes, bags!)

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