Happy Birthday Barack: 172/365 SLOT


As someone who often lands securely on the left of center, the political world we are living in is very dynamic and exciting. 

I stand firmly behind Barack and let me take a moment to wish him a very happy birthday.  Too bad we can’t share the same day. I’m up on the 7th.

Finally, the country seems to be engaged with serious issues: health care,energy, education. And even if I’m not crazy about Arnie Duncan and his belief in charter schools,  I appreciate a president who is focused on the critical issues that impact the United States and the world.

So the polls may fluctuate, but not me!  I’m with Obama.

Nice to be back with my Slicer buds!


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3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Barack: 172/365 SLOT

  1. Did you see the cake he brought out to Helen Thomas today?

    And soon it’ll be your b-day! 🙂

  2. Yes and yes!

  3. Nice to see you slicing again. Enjoy Seattle. It is good you are coming now instead of last week when it was 100 degrees!

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