60 on the 7th: 175/365

60 on the 7th

I was smiling here as the morning ended and we were back on the waterfront path to the hotel, but inside our roon, I hit the wall.  Big day, great expectations and the reality of the world.

What did I need? 50 strangers on the tour?

I didn’t want to share my dinner with the tour group.  I actually didn’t need a fancy dinner, but I did need something…

A movie- Julie and Julia was opening today and while Tuvia wasn’t excited about Julia Childs, even if it was the great Merle bringing her to life, he did want to see me smiling on my birthday, so in a spontaneous minute we raced away in Prius taxi  to the Soctia Bank Theater for a 4 pm performance.

The theater at 4 was nicely crowded. Lots of women and a good number of men . Tuvia was patient, almost giving himself up to the movie worlds. I loved both stories- the birth of Julia Childs and the modern Julie, who finds her focus and purpose as she takes a journey of self discovery through Julia’s cookbook, the same one that lives on my cookbook shelf.

It was a perfect movie to take me out of myself and into the lives of others for a few hours. Thank you Merle and Amy and Stanley and Nora and  Tuvia, of course. The Julia’s have their men and I have mine.

And then we were off, back to the tour.  We met them for our first group dinner at the Waterworks, a popular spot in Vancouver. We were ushered into a private dining room  and two seats were saved at the table of two Texan couples who went out of their way to greet us and make us feel comfortable and welcome and they did not fit our Texas stereotype.

And even though I tried to cover my birthday on our trip forms I was found out and Karina, after introductions, blew up a balloon and began to call attention to my day with a round of happy birthday and if that weren’t enough I had the ballon and at the end of the meal, another round of singing along with a piece of cake and candle.

What was surprising and touching was the number of our group who stopped by to say hi and wish me a special birthday greetings. I was touched.

It could be good, better than expectations.

We will see…anyway… tomorrow I will be a day older and this day was a nice one thanks for everyone and wait, what about my family and buddies on FaceBook and on email…

I would say, I’ve been well taken care of today.


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