On a Train: 178/365 and a Memoir Monday

A Camera Shot this?

What a truly amazing day on the train to Kamloops, and to think I wondered if it was worth the cost of the upgrade.

We were separated from our large and noisy Texas-centered group.  They had been discouraged from taking the upgrade back home and as we prepared to separate I felt like uneasy. Our group was small- 3 couples, northerners.

As we all exited our bus and headed to the first car as the rains began I still had my doubts, but as soon as we were escorted up to the second floor with luxurious seats and the domed ceiling I was smiling.

Now for sure I didn’t need to great eating feast we enjoyed to the entire day but it did satisfy an age-old fantasy I’ve been carrying with me about train travel from movies and books.  We met interesting people of course beyond our small group- a set of college professors in Special Ed.  Tuvia had to listen to a lot of teacher talk.

For lunch we sta with a young married couple from England, just a week into their honeymoon. They were also in the ed business.  James had an interesting job in his small city. He was responsible for interviewing teachers and students in schools about to be renovated.  As the IT guy he was there to support the integration of technology into the classroom.  How perfect for me.  Again Tuvia had to be patient.

And if all this weren’t enough, but then  THE VIEWS.
With camera in hand, I periodically went shutter crazy.

It was a day to remember and there’s another one coming in a few hours.

Thanks for reading this very fresh memoir.

There’s more at Two Writing Teachers.

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2 thoughts on “On a Train: 178/365 and a Memoir Monday

  1. Wow, Bonnie! Another amazing photo. Good to see you on Memoir Monday. I actually got inspired and posted one myself. Enjoyed your travel story — thanks!
    Best, T-Dawg

  2. Going shutter-crazy is certainly okay when you capture images like this one! 🙂

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