Walking Back: 183/365


Steve and I met for lunch yesterday, for the first time in five years since my retirement party. Our lives simply went their separate ways.  We emailed and wrote about getting together but it just never happened and we don’t live far from each other.  He actually saw me once in Strawberry Place, but there was just too much to talk about, an opportunity missed.

We both wanted to get to this lunch and finally we were both clear to take a walk back first and then move ahead.

Steve and I worked together on many collaborative theater projects. I found him at a theater showcase.  I was new to Pearl River and had a bunch of great drama kids with me.  Everyone loved Steve and his partner Cecilia, fire up the audience with their brand of Shakespeare and when the opportunity presented itself, I recommended Steve bring his work to our school and it happened and soon he became a member of my drama team as we created pieces that mirrored our collaborative interpretation.

Once my drama buddy James found his way to Shakespeare, I was ready to take the plunge and Steve, patiently waiting, was thrilled to join in when I selected Midsummer.  It was glorious to have Steve offer my kids a very physical and down-to earth approach to theater.

We have been friends since 1988 with history on stage and off.  I remember his life without his twin daughters and now they are two lovely teens.

Even though we don’t collaborate on stage anymore, it’s nice to start writing a new page of friendship over a lunch at the Lighthouse.

What’s coming next?

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2 thoughts on “Walking Back: 183/365

  1. Steve

    Bon — I am touched by the memories collected in this narrative — let us never find five year gaps between talking and keeping abreast of the new — to the next time


  2. I totally agree, Steve

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