Remembering: 184/365

On a Glacier

The day we traveled from Lake Louise to Banff on the Icefields Parkway we got to walk on a glacier.  I think the anticipation was more exciting than the walking and the ride up to it was a photog’s heaven,  even if I was sitting on the wrong side of the bus.

But as we exited the snow traveler with the huge tires, the weather was perfect.  It wasn’t raining and not too cold, even though I was not temped to remove any clothes, unlike the guy above.

We needed a photo and Tuvia went to this group for a photo favor.  They were not speaking English and I couldn’t tell what it was.  Rega…ahh…

“Tuvia, no problem, it’s Hebrew.”

I might not able to understand it all, but I have a great ear to identify a lansman. This was our third group of Israelis in just a few days, although Tuvia handed my prized camera over to the one person in the group who wasn’t sure how to take a photo with only a view finder.

Oh well…

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One thought on “Remembering: 184/365

  1. great story! that glacier looks amazing!

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