The Lemon Squeeze: 176/365 and Memoir Mondays

It's me!

It’s me!  Ellenville Theater Club trip to Mohonk Lodge in New Paltz, NY.  OUTDOOR THEATER!

I was tagged on Facebook and I was able to drag it into my iPhoto library.  Tuvia can’t understand why I would want to hold on to this one, but it’s me, early in the teaching career, in the late 70’s, when I was new to teaching  and not that much older than the kids I taught.  It was a great time to begin. No high stakes tests and the freedom to collect a group of kids and ride a bus to New York City for a play or New Paltz for a hike.  I was driven to get them out of our small town and into the culture of the world.

I was fine in a theater.  I developed a great relationship with Circle in the Square theater.  They offered kids cheap seats and a q and a at the end of Saturday matinees.  But outside, in the mountains of Mohonk, I was not in my comfort zone and as we hiked a bit and arrived at the Lemon Squeeze, I realized that with my small band of hikers I had to take the lead and sweat the climb, with my fear of heights.

I wonder still, did the kids with me know I was totally afraid as I climbed through the squeeze, first, encouraging them to follow?  I’m sure at the time, they needed me to keep them calm and supported no matter what.  I think I offered that.

This photo probably came after we made it through-a personal victory.

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5 thoughts on “The Lemon Squeeze: 176/365 and Memoir Mondays

  1. great story, and great picture!

  2. Thanks Nancy,
    I am on a writing roll, now that I realized I can be linking my blog posts to FB. Now I have to get off and move around!

  3. To have taught before high-stakes testing… Sounds so nice!

  4. What a great memory. Teachers have really lost a lot of the freedom that allowed this kind of adventure, and the funding for such outings as well. School, I think, has stopped being seen as a way to expand people’s minds, and more of a place to dump stuff into minds.

  5. Hi Lisa,
    I forget that life is very different from my early days in teaching. I took it for granted but it was special. Thanks to Facebook I am getting lots of great feedback from my oldest students.

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