At Lake Louise: 177/365 and a Slice

At Lake Louise

I wasn’t planning to write a post this morning but it’s Slice of Life Tuesday and this is my writing time. So I opened my iPhoto library and let my fingers do the clicking and I landed here, because a shot like this still blows me away. 

I took this photo! I took this photo. Imagine, someone who  used to have trouble just loading film in a camera could shoot this. I am so grateful for digital cameras, just like I’m grateful for this new writing and publishing.

A friend on FaceBook left me a comment yesterday sharing news that her 88 year old mom who after years of never considering herself a writer, is now published, now has a book. I say BRAVO, but you know, I’m published.  Every day I publish into the world and I’m read.  I don’t need to get someone to agree that I should be, I can just write, click publish and my words are out in the  in the world.

How amazing is that?

I can capture a bird, I can write for the world and I haven’t had my first cup of coffee yet.  I live in a wonderful time,don’t you think?

Feel free to visit TWO WRITING TEACHERS for more Slices today.

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6 thoughts on “At Lake Louise: 177/365 and a Slice

  1. We all live in a wonderful time. Every day, we put ourselves out there, into cyberspace, and publish our thinking. If one takes a step back & thinks about the amazing amount of freedom we’ve been granted, to do that, it is powerful. Ah, I love this country.

    Probably not the comment I was expecting to give… but that’s okay right?

  2. I never know what my writing will look like until it’s out there. It’s good to wake up and get positive as you write. What a way to start the day-smiling!

  3. This *is* a great capture! I love the light, the color, the subject…

  4. Lisa

    Is that Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Alberta? That is a gorgeous place! Like you, I love having a place to put my words out there. It has certainly effected the quality of my writing, and the motivation to keep doing it.

    • Yes, Lisa,
      We traveled from Seattle to Vancouver, then a train to Jasper, then LL and on to Banff and finishing in Calgary. Lots of hotels and great mountains…
      And then home to get to process the experience here.

  5. literacyspark

    What a wonderfully inspirational post! We never stop learning and by that association we never stop surprising ourselves with what we can do when we really set our minds to it.

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