Present: 179/365

Chris this week

Yesterday I lunched with Chris. We planned for an early lunch and then a comfortable walk on the upper West Side before he would be off to the dentist  and I would be back in my car heading back home for a conference call with Kevin and Shirley as we launched our brand new website, the iAnthology.


I admit, it, I was talking on the phone and as I stocked up on coffee at my favorite Dunkin D just before I hit the road at 9:30 am, I started a phone conversation with Tom. Big mistake!  I concentrated on the call and had a mental lapse on my sense of direction.

I was suddenly crossing the Hudson River way too soon and I was faced with decisions I couldn’t really make.  Of course I paid for my lapse of attention. Chris waited patiently just across from our Lincoln Center meeting spot as I sat in traffic, bumper to bumper with very large trucks.  Finally I made a good decision and didn’t travel across the Washington Bridge and I was sailing down the West Side Highway, and just one hour late, two hours in my car and all because I answered my Iphone as I was exiting with my DD coffee.

Latest studies maintain that talking on a phone in the car is comparable to driving drunk.  I can agree after my journey yesterday.

But all was not lost.  I parked in our familiar garage on West End Avenue and walked comfortably to meet Chris who used his hour to answer email and phone messages.  At least I used my hour to learn a bit of Hebrew.

We selected a spot for lunch just across from Lincoln Center, now seriously under renovation.  We ate and caught up and I felt honored to reap the benefits of my teaching life.  Chris has grown up. I’ve been with him since he arrived at the high school in the 8th grade and since his first day in my classroom we have been joined and we continue to build on that first day.

I can’t speak for Chris, but I am very lucky. VERY!

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