Raining Again: 182/365

Rainy Road

Rain yesterday, rain this morning. Rain most of this summer.  Sure, I am happier in sunshine but the rain never held me back. Now if it had been snow, that would have been a problem, but rain, whatever.

It didn’t hold me back from the activites I scheduled.

I stopped by my Apple store to get my hands on the new upgrade: SNOW LEOPARD, the exercising with Anthony at the gym, lunch with Marie France at Panera, home to Tuvia and then dinner with friends at the Bonefish.

A perfect day in the rain and an appropriate mood-setter for the death and funeral of Teddy Kennedy.

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4 thoughts on “Raining Again: 182/365

  1. Just installed SnowLeopard this morning! I’m definitely appreciating the speed of this new OS. Enjoy!

  2. I was getting very low on gigs and now, I’m up from 12 to 22. Very nice.

  3. lynnjake

    You are so busy, Bonnie! I don’t know how you ever had time to work at a fulltime job. How do you like SnowLeopard?

  4. It’s great-fast and cheap with a few cool extras. I think what I have now is more energy to focus without that full time job that starts so early in the morning and adds lots of stress, as you know.
    I can relax more now.

    How’s school going? Did you have the big 60 yet? Remember we are celebrating in PHilly if you are there too

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