Opening Day: 185/365

Sharon's Opening

An opening: not a school opening, not anything to do with health care or politics but yesterday Sharon officially opened her lastest art show at Piermont’s Fine Arts Gallery.

I came by to chat and take a peek at her latest creations  and low and behold I had to take one piece home with me. It called to me and I couldn’t refuse.

First sale of the day, first sale of the show.

Sharon and I are deeply connected.  First by last names, then by the way we see the world of the arts, education, the classroom,  learning. EVERYTHING!

We were collaborators as teachers for 20 years.  We teamed up on theater pieces, we walked Rockland County’s parks, planning, we answered each other’s sentences.

Now  we are both out of our  classrooms but never out of our lives as learners.  Now we are photographers together and the piece that left with me was created with a macro lens and printed on canvas. It blew my socks off!

I have many works of Klass but there’s always room for one more.

My mantra: I am rich in friends, I am very rich in friends and I didn’t have to win a lottery.

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2 thoughts on “Opening Day: 185/365

  1. By last names? A cousin?

    Enjoy your new piece! It’s nice to be able to enjoy and support a friend’s artwork. I’ve been told that I really need to visit Piermont, by not just you but others as well! If I go soon, I’ll be sure to check out the gallery.

  2. That would be great. If you go in the next few weekends, you will probably meet Sharon. Tell her I sent you
    Still have issues with the thumbnail on FB. Sometimes it appears, sometimes not. I wonder why,

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