Fire Up on Labor Day: 188/365 & Slice of Life Tuesday

Labor Day Fire UP!

I always need a barbeque on Labor Day.  For many Labor Days, I have found my way to Hilda’s backyard to celebrate the end of summer and the coming of a fresh school year.  We were both English teachers heading back together, bonded.

She retired before I did, but continued to offer me a place to be for Labor Day. Now both of us are “retired” and we continue to celebrate Labor Day with a great meal and great conversation.

Yesterday we sat together and spoke deeply about the hatred and disrespect in the air, directed at President Obama about his education speech- one that I would  have welcomed into my classroom as a great way to kick off the school year.  Oh well.

We sat around the table yesterday munching on ribs and sharing concerns.  Out of the group of 7, only one of us had to get home and plan out a back-to-school outfit.

This is  5th September that the day after Labor Day would not require a new outfit. But unlike the last 4, this year I am not nervous about the open space.  Challenges always find their way to me.  In fact we had to leave early last night for my online Hebrew class that is regularly scheduled on Monday nights at 7:30. I am really never too far from a classroom, even if I’m back on the other side of the teacher’s desk.

Next week I am back in New Paltz to plan out a Fall of technology for our site.  I am finally comfortable and relaxed about the unknown.  I have enough to keep me constructively busy choreographing my life.

All good, so far.

And as for Obama, FIRE UP!  I’m sure he’s focused on yet another speech, but not really just another speech.  This coming speech must fire up everyone! Can he do it?

I say YES!  Yesterday he shared a wonderful story about a little woman who was able to fire him up when he was just beginning  his run for president.  She screamed at him during a rally-

FIRE UP! FIRE UP! He didn’t want to but couldn’t help himself.  He was in her grip.

He needs to get us fired up and I believe that he can!

We will see tomorrow!

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5 thoughts on “Fire Up on Labor Day: 188/365 & Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. Next week in New Paltz: Has a lovely ring to it!
    I, too, am struck by all of the controversy over OUR PRESIDENT’S Speech to Schoolchildren today. I cannot believe parents had their kids stay home because they didn’t want them to hear the POTUS speak. What kind of message does that send?
    Maybe his speech will be like the forbidden fruit… sought after by those who couldn’t watch it today.

  2. literacyspark

    I love how you started your slice with your ruminations on Labor Day and then moved on to Obama. I showed the speech and then I asked the students if they thought it was controversial, after explaining what controversial was. I asked them to talk amongst themselves because being the first day, they were clearly looking for the “right” answer on my face. Or maybe they were looking to see if I was the type of teacher who shows controversial things to fifth graders. I reveled in the joy of your Labor Day since my was so dull, thank you!

  3. mag

    My guilty Labor day pleasure is always a hot fudge sundae to officially end the summer. that I asked for low carb coffee did nothing to reduce the sinful calorie count, but it was fun.

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