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Ricky B and Luna Parc

At 9:55 am on Sunday morning,  after two full days of ugly, windy rain the usual  crowd waited impatiently at the entrance gates,  itchy to get inside and  start spending at the Lyndhurst Craft Fair.

Me? I was cool, in perfect position.  I knew just where I wanted to shop and after the serious business, I  could casually stroll around the rest of the fair, find my way back to the car sweetly parked in the front row and be home before the space  was crowded with baby carriages. By lunchtime I’d be back home  lunching in Nyack with Tuvia.

But first, business.

Ricky Boscarino(the guy in pink shirt and dark beard) and his newly designed booth was right at the entrance.  I  paid  the usual admission fee , filled out a free raffle ticket and  I was let loose with my fellow craft shoppers.

Ricky  is the creator of amazing art for the ears, neck, wrists, ankles, shelves and walls and I am a proud owner of many of his pieces. He was the one who gently led me away from my one, very conserative pair of gold posts and into the world of Luna Parc creations.

Thirty years ago,  when I was living in  brown cords and plain sweaters and teaching in Ellenville, on one beautful Saturday in May, I traveled over the mountain to the New Paltz Craft Fair.  As I moved through the large tents I was almost alone, enjoying the calm, but never really stopping long enough to ask a question or try something on. I wasn’t really serious. But as stopped at  Ricky’s booth, he smiled from behind one of his cases  and offered me a pair of earings to try on.  “I think you would look great in these.”

I smiled and nodded. I was interested.  We talked.  He asked about me, what I did for a living for fun,  and in the course of 30 minutes I left with my first pair of funky earrings: Drama in the Irises.  I directed high school theater and he had the masks of comedy and tragedy shooting out of flowers. I put them on and didn’t take them off.  One pair led to two at the next fair…on and on…

Then I moved away and  he stopped coming to the New Paltz fair.  I relocated and as fate would have it, we found each other again at the Lyndhurst fair and 20 years later  we continue to share a mutual passion for the unusual, for the funky, for his  great sense of humor in art.

That first hour of comfortable crowds and cool  sunshine allowed us time to hour  move around  his newly designed booth filled with his latest creations.  As I left him with  my bag of new  pieces I would only be observing  the rest of the fair .

With only one leather item on my list and a particular artist to find  the rest of the morning was for photographing and strolling with my camera in hand.

Check out more Slices at TwoWritingTeachers and great work by Ricky at Luna Parc.

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2 thoughts on “ and A Slice of Life

  1. It’s fabulous that you found each other and reconnected again.

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