Spontaneous :198/365 & Slice of Life Tuesday

My new piece

Yesterday morning with Morning Joe, coffee, writing and exercise, I was poised to move to my list of  things to do- a long list and I made myself crazy just trying to think about what I should do first. 

And then the phone rang…

It was Sharon, on her way to take down her art show. The day was an amazing one-the last official day of summer in glorious sunshine.

Sharon threw me a temptation to join her at the gallery in Piermont for a walk at the pier and lunch in  town.

I am ready to say no, but wait, I shouldn’t say no.  Isn’t that what our lives are now s all about, to shape our days?

YES! I need a shower and time to dress etc.

Sharon  had work to do at the gallery.

I joined her in an hour and as I walked into the transformed room my eyes moved right to this piece in the circle and while I had one its sisters already hanging on my wall, I knew that this one was yearning to come with me for a family reunion.

What a celebration! The family is reunited!

And the day was perfect for walking, lunching at an outdoor table and spending time and adding to my art collection.

And the list was still waiting for me, now more relaxed and energized to continue.

You can find more great Slices at Two Wrtiting Teachers

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3 thoughts on “Spontaneous :198/365 & Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. Sounds like a wonderful end to the summertime!

  2. literacyspark

    Making the choice to be spontaneous can be hard, but so worth it! I’m happy you found a sister picture.

  3. YES and YEs and YES!

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