A New Mac for me!: 204/365

A brand new mac!

Just before my session at the gym, I stop off at the Apple store at Tices Corner and in 21 minutes I am still on time, arriving  with a shinny new Macbook Pro 13 inch computer.

Just 21 minutes and a great support staff cheering me on!

Sure I spend the next hour sweating but I am motivated, extra motivated!

I am resolved to keep this Mac  clean.

I have a New Projects scheduled for Wednesday morning to get it  ready for its maiden voyage next weekend  to Israel.

Ah,  I’m in love with tech!

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2 thoughts on “A New Mac for me!: 204/365

  1. lynnjake

    I am in love with my new Macbook Pro as well. So smooth, so streamlined. It has a rich red cover to protect it – absolutely delicious!
    XO Lynn

    • It’s actually not so different from my white Macbook but it has more power. I have the one with the faster processor and I am going to upgrade my hard drive from 250-500 at a place in NYC. But I love the smooth feeling. So quick to the touch. Are you using your fingers on this? I have a Personal Projects 3 hour session tomorrow morning at my Apple store. Saturday I’m off to Israel…

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